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Allison Dore in conversation with all kinds of people, talking about the meaning of life, what people believe, how they got where they are... Lots of big ideas.
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Aug 7, 2019

When Damhnait Doyle released her first solo album in over a decade this year, I was thrilled! Even more so when I got to interview her, and then invite her on Digging In.

We talk about the pressure to look a certain way, aging as a women in show business, and the conversation we need to start having around alcohol in the arts. We also talk about what she reveals about her self in the songs on her new album 'Liquor Store Flowers', and how she found her way to being vulnerable.

You can follow her on Facebook: @DamhnaitDoyle, on Twitter: @davnetdoyle and on Instagram: @damhnaitdoylesongs.

Learn more about her and her music:

Aug 7, 2019

Raffaela Weyman, professionally known as RALPH, is a thoughtful, conscientious, super cool synth-pop musician.

We talk about the difference between Raffa and RALPH, why it's important to evolve your thoughts and language, why self-care matters, and which shocking celebrity she looks like. 

Her latest single is Gravity, and 'No Muss No Fuss' will be out August 14, 2019. Her album 'A Good Girl' is available everywhere.

Follow her on Facebook: @songsbyralph; on Twitter: @songsbyralph and on Instagram: @songsbyralph and you can learn more about her

Aug 7, 2019

Alli Walker realized one day that she wasn't making music that really mattered to her: "I was singing about booze, boys and break-ups because that’s what everyone else was singing about." So she made a change. Now she writes and performs 'mindful music' or 'conscious country' - songs that are authentic and uplifting, vulnerable and encouraging. 

We talk about having a positive impact, how social media can affect your mindset, and the challenges that come with trying to change for the better.

You can follow Alli on Facebook @alliwalkermusic, on Twitter @alliwalker, and on Instagram @alliwalkermusic and follow the hashtags #mindfulmusic and #consciouscountry

Learn more about her at


Nov 12, 2018

Author James FitzGerald used his writing as a way to start counter-acting years of silence and stigma in his family. Having lost his grandfather to suicide, and almost losing his father to it as well, he broke the cycle for himself by facing the mental illness in his family and telling his story. He joins Allison to talk about how silence and shame only add to the pain, and how he learned to speak up and take care of himself.

You can learn more about James and his wonderful books at

Oct 28, 2018

Jully Black is a famous musician, but she is also a dynamic, inspirational, powerhouse human being. We talk changing your mind to change your life, why you need to stay rooted in the present, and how Jully found her vocation. 

We also talk about Empowered In My Skin and the women's conference she co-founded. For more information click HERE. For all Jully's music, tour dates, and more go to

Oct 8, 2018

Laura Robinson is a multi-hyphenate: an inventor (she co-created the games Balderdash and Identity Crisis), singer/songwriter, actor, speaker, and producer (Identity Crisis became Celebrity Name Game, hosted by Craig Ferguson. Oh, and she contributed to TWO Chicken Soup For The Soul books: Hooked on Hockey and Count Your Blessings.

We cover many topics, including: how to know an idea is a good one, the key to having your fingers in many pies, making sure you make time for yourself, and more. You can follow Laura on Twitter @balderdashgirl

Sep 24, 2018

Comedian Dave Merheje joins me for a candid conversation on anxiety, fashion, and why he felt he needed to change the way he approached his life and career. You can follow Dave on social media @davemerheje , check out his website and watch his special here!

Sep 10, 2018

Nadia Elkharadly is the co-founder of Addicted Magazine (; @weraddicted) and Handsome International Men (; We talk overcoming self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and why creativity is so important. Nadia really forged her own path, and explains how sometimes taking the first tiny step is often the hardest part. You can follow her on socials @thenadiae

Jun 26, 2018

Paul Nadeau has LOTS of stories. From his abusive childhood, to his many years in law enforcement, to his changing personal life, he is willing to share them all! He is the author of "Take Control of Your Life: Rescue Yourself and Live the Life You Deserve", a unique spin on how to turn negatives into positives in your life. 

You can follow Paul on Twitter: @jpaulnadeau

Jun 11, 2018

Mike “Nug” Nahrgang is pretty much everywhere: stage, screen, and stream. In addition to talking WWE on Aftermath on Sportsnet 360, he is also active in the wrestling world in and around Toronto. He is an actor, improviser and his podcast “Illusionoid” is going into its 10th season. We talk taking control of your health, surrounding yourself with good people, the various tribes in comedy, and more!

You can follow him on all social media @nugnahrgang

May 28, 2018

Monica Parker is a pragmatic positive thinker with a distaste for buzz words. We cover a lot of topics including: acceptance, awareness, and Pope Francis. Monica shares stories from her life, including a lovely one about Gilda Radner, and answers the question "Is George Clooney really a nice guy?"

You can find out more about Monica on her website 

May 14, 2018

The first person to do 3 episodes of this show, Jay Brody proves that he has layers! He shares more stories from his troubled childhood, we discuss how to learn to love yourself, having faith in yourself, and MORE.

Jay is one half of The Dumb Show, heard on SiriusXM channel 168, Canada Laughs, at 8pm ET on Wednesdays, and my frequent cohost on The Breakdown, SiriusXM channel 167, 2-5pm ET Monday-Friday,

Apr 30, 2018

10 years ago, after a big heartbreak, Jesse Teran moved to a new city, changed his name, and started a new life. Today, he is reclaiming his life, facing his demons, and embracing who he is. Dealing with his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, living openly as a bisexual, and taking back his real name, the man formerly known as Dean Young is energized and inspired. 

For now you can find him on Twitter @ComicDeanYoung

Apr 30, 2018

10 years ago, after a big heartbreak, Jesse Teran moved to a new city, changed his name, and started a new life. Today, he is reclaiming his life, facing his demons, and embracing who he is. Dealing with his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, living openly as a bisexual, and taking back his real name, the man formerly known as Dean Young is energized and inspired. 

For now you can find him on Twitter @ComicDeanYoung

Apr 16, 2018

Kristy LaPointe is the writer, producer and star of the new web series "Yoga 101" which is available at, and it combines just some of the many jobs she does. This conversation includes topics like balance, therapy, and making changes in your life. We both talk about how far we've come, how no one is ever perfect, and how small changes add up. 

You can follow Kristy on social media: Twitter @kristylapointe Face book @kristylapointe and Instagram: @plant.based.kristy

Apr 2, 2018

Amira de Vera is a Toronto-based publicist who founded her own company, Project Four PR, just over a year ago. We talk about starting your company, if you are ever really ready to break out on your own, and how the universe lets you know you are on the right track.

You can learn more about Amira by following her company on Twitter: @projectfourpr Instagram: @projectfourpr Facebook: or check out her website:

Jan 30, 2018

The show is taking a short hiatus, this is a brief episode where Allison explains why, when the show will be back, and gives some food for thought in the meantime.

Jan 15, 2018

Tara Shannon wears pretty much all the hats. A successful singer/songwriter who runs her own label Willow Sound Records, which is actually a co-op that empowers young artists to forge their own career. Mother to 7. C Suite Entrepreneur. Wife. But she has had her fair share of bumps in the road and has thought deeply about what really matters in life. 

You can see more from Tara on her website or on Twitter @TaraShannonSW or Facebook and Instagram @tarashannonmusic

Jan 8, 2018

Chantel Marostica is a comedian and very patient human. They are a non-binary person living their transition very publicly on social media to help us all learn as they go through their own learning process. We talk a lot about the challenges that brings, both from strangers and family and friends. We also talk about evolving as a comedian and a person, as well as how in life - if you're trying you're doing okay. 

You can follow Chantel on Twitter @ChantyMarostica and Instagram @chantelmarostica

Jan 1, 2018

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt is the author of the book Unstoppable YOU, a decorated athlete, a motivational speaker, and a 4 way amputee. Her championship mindset is partly from being an athlete, but also really instilled in her by parents who challenged convention for her success. 

We talk positivity, emotional output, and the need for self-care. And how to get what you want in life!

Follow Tracy on Facebook @unstoppabletracy, on Instagram @unstoppabletracy, on Twitter @unstoppabletrac

Dec 25, 2017

For the holiday season I decided to make a super cut of answers to the final question I ask "If you could have everyone in the world realize, accept or understand one thing, what would it be?" 

I used 12 answers and kept them pretty short, but I hope it's a little inspiration heading into the New Year!

We have answers from: Graham Clark, Shawn Hogan, Adrienne Kress, Boomer Phillips, Erin Keaney, Shaun Proulx, Courtney Gilmour, Jay Brody, Rebecca Kohler, Illvibe, Tiffany Pratt, and Jon Dore!

Dec 11, 2017

Comedian Mike Storck is back to talk about his continued work on identifying and improving issues in his life. We talk new terms for old behaviours, what some of those terms really mean, and how working on yourself changes the rest of your life. We also talk new material as a comedian, authenticity, and why hecklers don't think they are a problem.

You can follow Mike on Facebook @Mike-Storck-Comedian, on twitter @mikestorck and on Instagram @mike_storck

Dec 4, 2017

Comedian and all round good guy Hunter Collins joins me to talk about Atheism, life and being a good guy. We talk the many misconceptions people have about Atheism, why morality and religion are not the same thing, and why it's important to try to do, and be, your best.

You can find out more about Hunter at his website or follow him on Twitter @hunter_collins or Instagram @huntercomedy

Nov 27, 2017

Ann Pirvu is gorgeous inside and out. She has an infectious energy, and a kindness to her that is instantly endearing. She is also very smart, and we start this conversation talking about deliberate thinking. Find out what Ann thinks our "job" is in life, how social media can be a blessing and a curse, and why human connection and communication is so important. She has also created @pepmag to inspire and encourage everyone, but particularly young people, to live their best life. 

You can follow Ann on Instagram and Twitter @annpirvu

Nov 20, 2017

Calgary Police Officer and founder of Bullying Ends Here Tad Milmine is back, and we get more personal this time around. Is it healthy to dedicate your life to something 24/7? What about relationships? We both discuss our lack of romantic relationships and how it affects us. 

You can follow Tad on Twitter and Instagram @tadmilmine and please check out his website

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